Maison book girl “cloudy irony” MV Released

Maison book girl river

Maison book girl have released the MV for a track from their major debut single titled cloudy irony.

Out November 30th, the single will be released in a Regular and CD+DVD edition.

Announced back in August, the single will be their first release on the label Tokuma Japan Communications.

Maison book girl have the same surreal sound and visuals we have come to love from their indie days. Packed full of scenes of a dimly lit dance shot, cloudy days, and plenty of dream situations, it’s a surprisingly complete release that shows off the ballad styled release with the slight whimsical sound that the group is known for.

The song is a bit on the laid back side, but it’s a solid debut on their major label that fans will appreciate.

Make sure to check out the MV and grab a copy of the single since it’s going to be a great release for fans this holiday season!

Maison book girl river Regular



  1. cloudy irony
  2. Karma
  3. 14days
  4. cloudy irony (instrumental)
  5. Karma (instrumental)
  6. 14days (instrumental)

Maison book girl river Limited



Same as Regular


  1. cloudy irony (music video)
  2. snow irony (live on Aug 9, 2016)
  3. film noir (live on Aug 9, 2016)
  4. bed (live on Aug 9, 2016)
  5. blue light (live on Aug 9, 2016)