PASSPO☆ “Gimme Gimme action” and “Love Refrain” MVs Released

Passpo Gimme Love

PASSPO☆ have released the MVs for their latest double a-side single titled Gimme Gimme action / Love Refrain.

Out November 23rd, the single will be released in Type A, B, and C editions.

Double a-side singles are always the best, and this release is no exception with a fun unique theme for every MV.

Gimme Gimme action

Gimme Gimme action shows off a fun Christmas setting where all of the members play roles of a big family. From a baby to a dog, they explore one of the most traditional aspects of the holidays: fighting over infidelity.

Thankfully that all becomes a thing of the past as we get to enjoy a performance from PASSPO☆ who perform a catchy, upbeat rock song that has a slight Christmas feel to it.

Love Refrain

Love Refrain takes place in the same TV that we saw in the last MV, where all of the members perform their instruments. It’s a tad more relaxed, but it has a rock touch that is fairly catchy.

This time we don’t have any stories and instead enjoy a more traditional release where all the members simply dance and perform. It works for the release since the song is more idol-like with catchy vocals.

Over all, this release is complete with upbeat rock songs as well as rock ballads that will have you humming the song for hours. Sure, it might be a bit on the calm side at times but it makes for the perfect release for this holiday season.

Make sure to check out both of the MVs out and grab a copy of this single since it’s going to be the perfect gift!

PASSPO Gimme Love A
Type A



  1. Gimme Gimme action
  2. Love Refrain
  3. Gimme Gimme action (Instrumental)
  4. Love Refrain (instrumental)


  1. Gimme Gimme action (Music Video)

PASSPO Gimme Love B
Type B



Same as Type A Edition


  1. Love Refrain (Music Video)

PASSPO Gimme Love C
Type C


Same as Type A Edition