Former NMB48 Kishino Rika Forms A Rock Band

Over The Top Kishino Rika

Former NMB48 member Kishino Rika has formed a rock band called Over The Top.

Kishino Rika’s graduation was announced back in August of last year, and thankfully it seems like her promise to focus on her singing career is slowly taking shape.

According to her comments, she mentioned that her activities will be more intense than ever before and that this is her way of exceeding expectations.

Over The Top will be making their debut under the label DREAMUSIC this summer.

Many idol graduates tend to promise to remain in the entertainment business only to fade from the public eye shortly after. Thankfully, it seems like Kishino Rika has managed to not only come back after her graduation, but also come back with a full rock band ready to take over the music scene.

No info is currently known about their debut single, but we should see details start to come out in the coming months. Hopefully the hype for this new group continues to build up since it seems like we’re in for a treat!