NMB48’s Kishino Rika To Graduate

NMB48 Kishino Rika

NMB48 has announced the graduation of Team N member Kishino Rika.

Announced during the NMB48’s Request Hour performance at World Memorial Hall, her reason for wanting to graduate seems to be her desire to focus on her singing career.

While it seems like a bit of a surprise it seems like many fans are agreeing with the announcement, with several saying that her vocals are perfectly suited for a solo career.

In a way I agree since it seems like she hasn’t received many opportunities to show off her skills. Going solo is the perfect opportunity for her to enjoy some well deserved attention.

Of course, not many details about her actual graduation date have been released but we will most likely find out in the coming months.

Best of luck Rika, and fans, please continue supporting her after her graduation!