Maison book girl “rooms” MV Released

Maison book girl 412

Maison book girl have released the MV for their track titled rooms.

Out July 19th, the track is part of their new single titled 412.

If you’ve heard a Maison book girl song you probably have a good idea of what this song will sound like: playful instruments at the beginning, vocals from each member in order, a calm beat throughout, and all the scenes having an artistic look.

It’s a formula that works well for those who follow the group, and thankfully the scenes each add their own unique touch to give the song a bit of a unique spice.

For those in Japan, there will be a series of release events that will take place from June 24th until July 30th, so make sure to check out their site for more info about them.

Make sure to check out this artistic release!

Maison book girl

Maison book girl 412 Cover



  1. rooms
  2. last scene (2017ver.)
  3. a-shi-ta
  4. rooms (instrumental)
  5. last scene (2017ver.) (Instrumental)
  6. a-shi-ta (Instrumental)

Maison book girl