Devil ANTHEM.’s SATSUKI. Is. Graduating.

devil anthem satsuki

Devil ANTHEM. member SATSUKI. has announced that she will be graduating from the group.

According to the graduation notice, the result of her graduating from the group comes after several extensive discussions. She mentions how glad she was to be part of the group for 3 years and how she learned a lot during that time.

Devil ANTHEM. will continue with 5 members.

While it might be sad to see her go there is hope for fans of SATSUKI. since there are plans for individual activities down the road. But, for now it seems like a good chance to get out of the idol spotlight and focus on her own life.

Her graduation date is set for December 3rd at a performance called evolution~SATSUKI. Sotsugyou Kouen. Best of luck SATSUKI.!