GANG PARADE Get Glitchy and Random In “Imi nai Uta”

gang parade

GANG PARADE get glitchy and random in the MV for Imi nai Uta.

Out since November 8th, the track is part of their upcoming album titled GANG PARADE take themselves higher!!

Are you into weird MVs full of glitchy effects and random scenes? Then you’re in luck since GANG PARADE’s latest MV is a complete mix of anything and everything combined into one seriously weird video.

Do you need dancing skeletons on top of a city? Done. How about scenes of the members floating in the sky as they rotate? Done. How about them floating in cyber space as crazy filters flash on screen? Done and done. There’s an incredibly random mix of scenes that is just a treat to enjoy. Make sure to check out this weird, weird MV below!

Imi nai Uta

gang parade takes themselves higher



  1. Imi nai Uta
  3. Are you kidding?
  4. Futsuu no Nichijou
  5. FOUL
  6. I need you I love you I want you
  7. Plastic 2 Mercy
  8. TIE
  9. Beyond the Mountain


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