Bear in Mind Are Unbearably Adorable In The MV For “Mirai e no Shunkan”

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Bear in Mind are unbearably adorable in the MV for their track titled Mirai e no Shunkan.

We have cat idols (Wa-suta), rabbit idols (Desu.Rabbits), so why not have bear idols? Enter Bear in Mind, a group that hails from Osaka and comes bearing bear ears to delight fans. They might not have any physical releases out yet, but they do have a debut MV that came out recently and it’s a treat.

It’s simple, taking place mainly in an empty room where the group dances to the sound of the upbeat song. They draw a picture, they go out to the streets, and they sing with a smile to the camera, all adding to the fun of this release. Yes, they do lack experience and the vocals could use some work, but their smiles and charm are enough to make up for that.

This MV is a great start for the group, and hopefully it will lead to more releases in the future. Make sure to give the video a watch and give it a like to show your support!

Mirai e no Shunkan
Bear in Mind

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