TEAM SHACHI rock out in a warehouse for their “Rock Away” MV

team shachi rock away

TEAM SHACHI rock out in a warehouse for their Rock Away MV.

Out now, the track is their latest digital release available on iTunes, Apple Music, and Spotify.

Rock idol music is among the best things to ever happen to this world. Thankfully, we have a new track to enjoy in the form of TEAM SHACHI’s latest digital single and it’s a rather interesting one to see.

With the members all wearing full rock outfits complete with blonde streaks of painted hair, they rock out with a guitarist, drummer, and masked brass instrument players inside of a warehouse. It’s pretty active for the most part, with the members all dance in front of the band and giving off their best cool and serious looks to the camera.

For a song titled Rock Away, it’s strangely enough one of the most pop-ish songs I’ve heard from them. There is a strong ska sound in the instrumental, with a guitar and fast-paced drum included. However, the vocals are pretty chill for the most part with not much energy behind them.

Does that mean the song is not good? Not at all, it’s pretty catchy and a fun release from TEAM SHACHI but the visuals don’t match the song. That means that there is a bit of a contrast that takes some getting used to.

Get ready to softly rock alongside TEAM SHACHI!

Rock Away

team shachi rock away cover

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