SUPER☆GiRLS chill in a colorful house in “POP!!POP!!POP!!” and sing at a school in “White Melody”

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SUPER☆GiRLS chill in a colorful house in POP!!POP!!POP!! and sing at a school in White Melody.

Out now, the tracks are exclusive to MU-CA.

SUPER☆GiRLS gave us a treat this week with a couple of new MVs to enjoy. Let’s check them out!


Need something simple to enjoy? POP!!POP!!POP!! is your go to since it has a laid back pop sound that fans are sure to love. The MV takes place in a house that’s decorated with colorful balloons, violins, and other fun stuff as Ishimaru Chika leads the group as they dance.

The vibrant color of each scene is amazing, which matches the bright and cheerful vocals from the members. Sure, there’s a weird “hey” thrown in there but even that doesn’t break the tone of the song. It’s a departure from their typical songs but one that is fun to listen to and will make your day even better.

White Melody

If POP!!POP!!POP!! was too bright and happy for you, then you’ll be glad to see that White Melody is a more passionate ballad. Taking place in a school, the members dance in the halls and in the music room as they smile to the camera.

Do you feel like you have to get your eyes checked? Don’t worry, it seems like they used some colorful light effects throughout the video to give it a dreamy effect. It’s a nice addition but it’s a bit too distracting at times, especially when the camera has trouble correctly lighting up the member’s faces.

Overall, the 2 MVs are nice treats for fans to enjoy, each with their own unique sounds. Unfortunately, the songs appear to be exclusive to MU-CA which means that they are not available anywhere else as of now. We will most likely get them in some way soon enough, but if you enjoyed the song make sure to give it a like!