Check out the covers for BEYOOOOONDS major debut single


BEYOOOOONDS have released the covers for their major debut single titled Megane no Otoko no Ko / Nippon no D N A! / Go Waist.

Out August 7th, the single will be released in Limited (A, B, C), Regular (A, B, C).

Newcomers BEYOOOOONDS have been quite about their debut single since it was announced. What kind of themes can we expect to see in the MVs? How many times do I have to look up their name to make sure I use the correct amount of O’s? While I’m still working out the last one, I’m glad to see that the covers are out in the wild.

Each cover has their own topic covering one song of the release. Type A shows off a classic manga love story that shows off some strong story vibes if we go based off of the poses from the members.

Type B has a cheerleader vibe to it, with the members all posing dramatically as a flag and some colorful dust flies in the background. Type C has a sport theme to it, with some powerful abs (fans say Yajima Maimi is the owner of those abs) being shown off in the Regular version of the cover.

Immediately my eyes were drawn to the Type B covers since they seem pretty energetic and fun. Of course, Type A has the manga theme going on and Type C has abs, but I’m all for some excitement and energy in idol music.

Strangely enough, we don’t get the classic “SP” edition that is common with other releases. But, I’m sure they’re seeing just how the single performs before going all in.

Which one if your favorite? Grab your copy of the single below!

beyooooonds megane otoko cover limited a
Limited A

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beyooooonds megane otoko cover regular a
Regular A

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beyooooonds nippon dna cover limited b
Limited B

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beyooooonds nippon dna cover regular b
Regular B

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beyooooonds go waist cover limited c
Limited C

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beyooooonds go waist cover regular c
Regular C

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