Appare! Harajuku dance the day away in the colorful MV for “Appare Summer!!”

appare harajuku summer

Appare! Harajuku dance the day away in the colorful MV for their major debut single titled Appare Summer!!

Out September 18th, the single will be released in 2 editions.

In need of some upbeat idol music? How about an idol release with color coordinated outfits? Appare! Harajuku have you covered with their latest single that is sure to have you jumping with excitement.

In this release we get to see the members as they dance and sing around a house that is covered from top to bottom in colorful decorations. From color-coordinated daruma dolls to an excessive amount of balloons, it looks like the storage area of a party store. There are some shots of them singing at dusk during the chorus that add a special touch, but apart from that it’s a complete treat for your eyes.

This works perfectly as the background of this colorful and happy release where the members dance to the beat of the song. I’m not exaggerating when I call this the most cheerful song you’ll hear this week since each line is packed with cheerful vocals that celebrate summer.

Does it have complicated story lines? Does it use flashy effects? Not at all, it’s just a classic idol release at it’s finest. Make sure to give it a watch below!

Appare Summer!!
Appare! Harajuku

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