Flower’s 11th Single Will Be The Ending Theme For “Kindaichi Case Files”

Flower 255

Flower’s 11th single titled Hitomi no Oku no Ginga (Milky Way) will be used as the ending theme for the anime Kindaichi Case Files.

In addition, Flower member Washio Reina will be a guest voice actress in the anime. Here are some details from TokyoHive:

Kindaichi Case File

Washio will voice “Tengen Kaori”, the ace of an Igo club that belongs to a high school that will challenge Fudo High School, the school attended by protagonist ‘Kindaichi Hajime’. On her first time voice acting, Washio commented, “I will do my best to bring out a new ‘me’ while being cautious of the character’s image.

Having an anime tie-in always helps a group so it’s nice to see that they will get some promotion from this interesting Ace Attorney-like series. More details to come!

Source: Natalie.mu | TokyoHive