[UPDATED] Uemura Akari “AKARI” PB Cover Released

Uemura Akari PB

The PB cover for Uemura Akari’s 1st PB titled AKARI has been released.

From what we can see the cover does have an amazing look to it with a strong focus on a more mature look for Akari instead of the usual bikini pictures that adorn PB releases.

Of course, we don’t have any other previews but with the release date coming up closer and closer we should be getting a few with some events thrown in to promote the PB.

The release date is set for October 24.

Juice=Juice Ameblo


Higher definition covers have been released, the normal cover of the PB alongside what I presume to be the back cover:

The covers look simply amazing, with the black bikini becoming a bit more prominent and the white bikini showing off a bit more to persuade those who are passing by. We should be getting previews quite soon so hopefully they look as amazing as the covers do!