Afilia Saga “Embrace Blade” MV Released

Afilia East Embrace Blade

Afilia Saga has released the MV for their single titled Embrace Blade.

This song will be the theme song for the anime Tai-mado Gakuen 35 Shiken Shotai and will come in 5 different versions. The DVD will contain the MV for the song alongside the Making Of video and will be included in Type A, B, and C with the following songs:

  1. Embrace Blade
  2. Jumping
  3. Yakusoku no Ano Sora no Hate he

There will also be an anime version with a mini drama for the anime alongside a DVD.

From the start of the song until the end, we seem to have an amazing match for the anime since the song itself has a feel that closely follows the title. With an upbeat idol sound combined with a more somber tone it seems like the perfect song to enjoy a calm evening at home.

Of course, the MV isn’t complete since the full version will be included alongside the DVD in the actual single, but we get a good taste of what’s to come and I’m hooked. With war-themed outfits matching the anime it seems like fans are in for an amazing release this November 18!