Mai Kotone “Chururippa” MV Released

Mai Kotone

Mai Kotone has released an MV for her single titled Chururippa.

If you enjoy videos with idols avoiding eye contact with a camera then you’re in luck! I was quite surprised to say the least since the video is quite interesting, with many scenes featuring the scenery of Taiwan mixed in with scenes of Mai enjoying the area.

The song itself … is not the most impressive I’ve heard, but it’s a good start. Sure, Mai is adorable in every sense of the word with her cute voice being her standout point, but something about the weak vocals affects the rest of the video. It could be just the production of the single so I’m not placing the blame on her, but regardless it’s a solid song from an up and coming idol.

September 15 was the date when the single was released, so if you like what you hear make sure to get a copy!

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