HKT48 feat. Kishidan “Shekarashika!” MV Released

HKT48 Kishidan

The MV for HKT48 and Kishidan’s collaboration song titled Shekarashika! has been released.

Shekarashika! will be the theme song for their upcoming series Majisuka Gakuen 0: Kisarazu Ranto-hen which will begin at the end of this month on November 29th.

When the combo was announced it did cause a certain amount of interest within both group’s fans since at first glance the two have completely different sounds. HKT48 has a more idolish sound while Kishidan has a more interesting form of punk with a Japanese taste.

I was a bit worried since bands have tried to do the same only to result in a random mishmash of sound, but thankfully the song so far sounds amazing. The guitars pitch in perfectly with the vocals from the idols forming a nice balance in between, similar to how Babymetal have found a happy medium in the world of harsh music and angelic voices.

Curious? Head over the break to find out how it sounds now, but remember to pick up a copy when it releases on November 25!

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