Yumemiro Adolescence’s Akari Yamada “Piyo Piyo Aka-Chamu Sando” MV Released

Yumemiru Adolescence Akari Yamada

The MV for Piyo Piyo Aka-Chamu Sando from Yumemiro Adolescence’s Akari Yamada has been released.

This is the final of the 5 solo song releases from the members, and it’s a nice way to finish since the song is hyper and quite catchy. With a strong electronic start paired with cute shots of Akari we get an interesting song that is sure to have you humming alongside her singing.

Like the other songs, it doesn’t have the most interactive MV ever made since it’s only a green screen in the background alongside her dancing in a chef’s hat. Regardless, it’s a cute song and it’s a nice way to end off the 5 solo song series that the group did.

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Source: Yumemiru Adolescence Site