Ayaka “A Song For You” To Be Used For “The Peanuts” Movie

Ayaka Peanuts Movie

Ayaka’s A Song For You will be used for the Japanese version of the Peanuts movie titled I LOVE Snoopy THE PEANUTS MOVIE.

As you would imagine, the song is slow and melodic with an uplifting spirit so fans who love ballads are in for a treat with the single and movie release. Personally, I have been curious about the movie so it’s a nice treat for Japanese fans when you get to enjoy her music alongside the movie.

Check out a preview for the song after the break in the official trailer for the movie, and while it might be short it is indeed sweet since it’s one of those songs that matches the slow, happy feel of the movie.

The movie will be out in theaters in Japan on December 4, so fans in the area are encouraged to check it out!

Source: Natalie.mu | Tokyohive