Love Crescendo “Cup no Naka no Komorebi” MV Released

Ske48 Love Crescendo

The short MV for Love Crescendo’s Cup no Naka no Komorebi has been released.

With a happy sound coupled with forest scenes alongside many open plain dance shots, this definitely wins the award for the most visually impressive MV this year.

As for the music, it’s a bit laid back and it’s impressive. For the most part, I enjoyed it since it’s one of those songs you listen to on a calm morning to wake up so now fans have a perfect mental image to accompany that.

Is it the best MV ever? No, but it’s just so good looking that I’m curious how the rest of the MVs for this single will look. We’ll find out soon, but for now the single is out on November 25th, so get those wallets ready!

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