Morning Musume ’15’s 60th Single Titled “ENDLESS SKY / One and Only / Tsumetai Kaze to Kataomoi”

Morning Musume 15

The title for Morning Musume 15’s 60th single has been revealed to be ENDLESS SKY / One and Only / Tsumetai Kaze to Kataomoi.

We got wind of the 60th single when the news that an English-only song titled One and Only was revealed as the theme song for J-melo, and thankfully it seems like it was part of a triple A-side release from this talented group.

The above track list was mentioned in a concert and later verified by the members itself and it seems like a solid release so far. The main track appears to be a more upbeat song, but of course, that will have to be confirmed with a radio rip. The well-known English only One and Only has already received a radio rip, so we know just what to expect from 1/3 of the single.

The last track’s title is interesting since it translates to A Cold Wind and Unrequited Love, which by itself suggests a ballad. Normally on graduation singles the last track is the solo song for the girl who is leaving, but since Riho’s graduation was a bit unexpected and quick it’s unknown if this will be her solo song.

We will find out soon, but so far the release is looking quite solid. The release is set for December 29, so get those preorders in before the new year comes!

Source: Morning Musume 10ki Ameblo

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