The Hoopers “Jounetsu wa Kareha no You ni” MV Released

The Hoopers Jounetsu

The MV for The Hooper’s Jounetsu wa Kareha no You ni has been released.

Idol groups are widespread in Japan today, but seeing a group of women dressed up in a boyish way and performing songs with that theme is a refreshing way of showing off a new style that might be catching on.

The beat is on point, and the dancing is nice to see alongside the Spanish beat making for a unique song that many are sure to love. The girl on girl fanservice might be new to some but since most Oshare Kei and Visual Kei bands have done it at some point it’s only normal to see them use it here.

The release is set for December 16, so make sure to get a copy of this release, which shouldn’t be too hard since there will be 10 versions released (Regular, Limited, and special Limited versions for each member).

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