BiSH has released an MV for their song ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE.

BiSH is well known for causing a bit of stir with their videos since they are labeled as the anti-idol group, but surprisingly this video shows a more sensitive side from the group.

The video itself was filmed during the Eden of Sorrow tour, and features interviews for the first part of the video. In those interviews, we get to find out a bit more about their true feelings and it’s a perfect way to see them in a more natural light.

Of course, the music starts at around 5:04 with a calm beat that slowly progresses into a standard BiSH song at around 7:34 with an upbeat sound that is sure to have you jumping.

Check out the link below to download the song for free and see the tear-inducing MV after the break!

Source: Ototoy “ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE”