Taguchi Junnosuke To Leave KAT-TUN and Johnny’s

Taguchi Junnosuke

KAT-TUN’s Taguchi Junnosuke has announced that he will be leaving the group, as well as the company Johnny & Associates.

The announcement was done on their most recent appearance on Best Artist 2015.

According to him, he is almost 30 years old and has decided to consider another way in life. It was also mentioned that the group would not disband, but that there would be a discussion on what would happen to the rest of the members.

As expected this is a big blow for the popular group, with a member leaving and the future of the group currently unknown. Sure, this does happen quite often in the industry with members leaving groups quickly, but since KAT-TUN is among the most well know it is a sudden announcement.

We’ll update more when we get the details, but for now good luck Taguchi!

Taguchi Junnosuke will be leaving next Spring.