AKB48 “Kuchibiru ni Be My Baby” MV Released

Takahashi Minami Kuchibiru Be My Baby

The MV for Takahashi Minami’s last single with AKB48 titled Kuchibiru ni Be My Baby has been released.

Since this is her last MV it seems like they did their best to capture her image perfectly and thankfully it seems like all the members did an amazing job to ensure for an epic video with her in the middle in an amazing costume.

The theme is quite fun since it features a note being written for Minami in a school setting, which of course is a bit normal for the group, but the addition of fun photos with each of the members makes for an amazing video.

It’s just a preview so there’s not that much to see in terms of story, but it’s a perfect preview of what’s to come, check it out after the break!

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