Perfume To Provide Theme Song For “Chihayafuru” Movie


Perfume will be providing the theme song titled FLASH for the movie Chihayafuru.

Following a similar trend to current movies, there will be several parts of the movie. The 1st is titled Chihayafuru ~Kami no Ku~ which will be out March 19. The 2nd part will be titled Chihayafuru ~Shimo no Ku~ and it will be out shortly after on April 29.

For those unfamiliar with the manga, it’s about a story of lost friends hoping to find each other with a card game as the basis. The trailer does a good job of showing off the mood. A somewhat serious mood, with the happy song bein performed by Perfume that breaks the tension at times.

The most interesting thing is that the song FLASH hasn’t been announced as a single or as part of an album. We’re due for either so it seems like it’s a waiting game to find out just how we will be enjoying this song.

For now, it’s a great time to be a Perfume fan due to all of the promotion the group is receiving so those who are in the area are recommended to check out the movie this Spring.

The trailer is after the break!