Babyraids JAPAN “Hashire, Hashire” MVs Released

Babyraids JAPAN

The MVs for Babyraids JAPAN’s tracks from their 11th single Hashire, Hashire titled Hashire, Hashire and FOREVER MY FRIEND have been released.

Hashire, Hashire features a school theme with a unique drama intro and the song kicking off around 1:01 when a friend of the girl presses play on her phone. While we don’t get to see the members that much on this video, it’s nice to see that there is a drama feel to this video.

FOREVER MY FRIEND has a  different feel to it showing off scenes from their live performances and a more rock-heavy melody. It certainly gives us a look at how hard the members work to make sure the performances are done perfectly for fans.

What about that single info? You think as you stare transfixed at the screen.

There will be 2 limited editions and a regular edition. Type A will have a 3rd song Dreamer, a DVD with Hashire, Hashire, and a Making Of with the Photoshoot, one-half of the bonus clips collection from SUMMER LIVE 2015, and a trading card. Limited B will have an exclusive track Stress, the same MV but also a dance shot, Making Of for the MV, the other half of the bonus clips, and a trading card.

Each of the limited editions is just packed to the brim with additions for fans to enjoy, so make sure to check them out so you can kick off the year right with this unique group on January 6!

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Hashire, Hashire