AKB48 Is Officially The Best Selling Singles Group In Japanese History


As of December 9, the release of Kuchibiru ni Be My Baby, AKB48 is now the best selling singles group in Japanese History.

Total sales for singles stands at around 36,158,000 (which is probably increasing even more as we speak). The honor was long held by others, here’s a short list of those top groups:

  • B’z – 35,809,000
  • Mr.Children – 26,628,000
  • Southern All Stars – 25,352,000
  • SMAP – 23,955,000

The most surprising fact is that AKB48 hasn’t been around as long as B’z has, with the group barely going to pass their 10th anniversary next year, but already having 42 singles under their belts (compared to B’z and their 52 singles in 27 years).

Of course, this record is only for singles and not overall sales since B’z still hold that record with 80,000,000 singles/albums sold.

Selling millions is something not many groups can brag about, mainly due to the high turbulence of music acts as groups join and break up as fast as people blink. Thankfully it seems like the group has maintained their status as one of the top idol groups in all of Japan and left their mark in Japanese music history.

It’s clear that they still have a ways to go, but at the pace they’re going it’s just a matter of time before we get to see them shatter that record.

Congrats AKB48!

Source: Oricon.jp