AKB48’s Iwasa Misaki “Gomenne Tokyo” MV Released

Iwasa Misaki AKB48

AKB48’s Iwasa Misaki has released the MV for her single titled Gomenne Tokyo.

Enka is a hard genre to promote on mainstream music, mainly due to the more cultural tone that it has featuring a slow beat combined with passionate vocals full of the culture of Japan.

Thankfully Iwasa is here to try and promote it to more people and the result is a stunning MV.

The music might not be a fit for some due to the slow nature, but the scenes of her singing from the beach are just a reflection of how much skill is needed.

Release is set for January 6, so if you’re looking to kick off your year with a nice slow enka release, then make sure to check this release out!

Iwasa Misaki CDJapan

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