AKB48’s Iwasa Misaki To Graduate

AKB48 Iwasa Misaki

AKB48’s Iwasa Misaki has announced her graduation from the group.

This was announced during her solo live where she mentioned her desire to focus on enka, with quitting AKB48 being the starting line for this dream. Her graduation date hasn’t been decided at the moment.

As you might remember, Misaki has always been the go to singer for enka, something we saw with her releasing an MV for her enka song Gomenne Tokyo a while ago. She does have the talent, and she seemed right at home with the music so naturally her reason for graduating seems to fit in line with that.

She has big goals in mind, and it makes sense for her to leave the group to achieve them. Sure, she is very talented and the group will change, but I’m glad to see that she seems determined to follow her dreams.

Best of luck as you follow your dreams Iwasa Misaki!


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