Bitter & Sweet “Hallelujah” MV Released

Bitter Sweet Hallelujah MV

Bitter & Sweet have released the MV for their song titled Hallelujah.

Released December 23rd and part of their album titled #bitasui, this single didn’t get much love since the group is not that well known yet. Having just formed back in 2013 as part of Up Front, this duo has been quite active with a solid mix of songs for fans to enjoy.

Regardless of their popularity, they do have some solid releases and this one is the highlight. With an upbeat sound mixed in with scenes of Asahi and Moemi walking around town with some bright, sunny scenes it results in a visually impressive MV.

Will it re imagine the very existence of J-pop? Will this song cause peace on earth? No, but it’s still a solid song that fans should check out with a beat perfect to listen and begin your day.

Bitter & Sweet “#bitasui” CDJapan