SUPER☆GiRLS “Karei Naru V!CTORY” MV Released

Super Girls Karei Naru Victory MV

The SUPER☆GiRLS have released the MV for their track Karei Naru V!CTORY.

The track is part of their 4th album titled SUPER★CASTLE, which will be released on March 9.

The main thing I noticed from this MV, apart from the overuse of punctuation in the title, was the amazing setting. Castles are an idols best friend and I’m loving the colors of the lights in the background, a perfect touch to add some variety in the video.

The song itself is the highlight with an upbeat sound but with a ballad style to it that is sure to have fans happy. The only weird part of the song would be the bridge of the song since it gets strangely quiet, but the moves that are busted by the members make up for that.

Well worth a look for fans of upbeat songs and for fans of strangely ominous “victory” whispers at the end of videos!