Cheeky Parade “SKY GATE” MV Released

Cheeky Parade Sky Gate MV

The MV for Cheeky Parade’s SKY GATE has been released.

Out February 24th, this interestingly titled single is sure to have you curious about the theme. Available in three versions: an exclusive version for the mu-mo site, one for HMV with a bonus exclusive track, and a CD/Blu-ray version containing the MV.

There doesn’t seem to be a Regular version available to everyone so it will be quite the interesting release since we’re skipping to the good stuff with exclusive tracks and Blu-rays.

Regardless, the song itself has a nice happy beat to it alongside a compilation of the members spending time together in a house. If seeing idols eat curry and sleeping alongside each other is your definition of fun then you’re in for a treat.

The song itself is EDM heavy but in a way it lacked a bit of depth at times. I liked this method though since it let the vocals shine so we could enjoy each member’s talented voice well.

Overall a laid back idol song, but regardless it is a nice release for those who are looking forward to summer since we get to see plenty of sun alongside cute idols on the beach.

Well worth a look for fans of slower songs!

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