Nogizaka46’s Ikoma Rina To Release 1st PB

Nogizaka46 Ikoma Rina

Nogizaka46’s Ikoma Rina has announced her 1st PB titled Kimi no Ashiato.

There is the promise of showing off her more mature side while also showing off her youth so we are definitely in for a unique release this February 24.

Of course, PB releases for an idol is always one of the most monumental for fans since it gives them a chance to enjoy their favorite idol with a special book.

From what we can see so far, there doesn’t seem to be a focus on bikini pictures which is always a plus for me, but there is a mention that there will be a focus on her mature side so we will most likely see a few.

Until then, Ikoma Rina fans are encouraged to get a copy of this PB!

Ikoma Rina “Kimi no Ashiato” PB CDJapan