NMB48’s Kurokawa Hizuki Will Go On Hiatus

NMB48 Kurokawa Hizuki

NMB48’s Kurokawa Kizuki has announced that she will be going on hiatus.

This was announced at the group’s recent performance in Osaka. According to her she will be taking a break from February 4th to focus on her studies, with a projected hiatus of 4 months.

It’s not quite a graduation, but it is still as sad as one since we will be going a few months without her being part of the group. Of course, studies are priority so it’s good to see that she will be focusing on that for the time being.

It’s good to note that she did mention the possibility of her graduating but deciding against it since she does seem dedicated to her ambitions in life.

Best of luck with your studies Kurokawa Hizuki!

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