Period of Plastic 2 Mercy POP

POP, also known as Period of Plastic 2 Mercy, have released the MV for their song titled QUEEN OF POP.

Not related to the actual “Queen of Pop”, this single will be released soon on March 15th.

Idols usually sport cute dresses, but what if you added body tights to the equation?

The result is an interesting mash of rock based idol music with members of POP dressed up in full-body tights, which by itself is an interesting choice. Mixed in with scenes of the members forming characters with their bodies with some pure editing goodness, the result is a pretty epic MV.

The actual song is a bit on the light side with a rock touch that might be a bit too calm at times but it gives off just the right sound for you to enjoy and hum along to.

I strongly recommend you check it out since it’s definitely among the most interesting releases from the group!