“GOGO DEMPA” Album Details Released GOGO Dempa Album Cover Regular
Regular has released details for their upcoming 3rd album titled GOGO DEMPA.

Releasing April 27th, this single will be released in the traditional Regular and Limited versions, but this time we’re also getting a Cassette version, a Vinyl LP Edition, as well as a Dempta-tou FC exclusive version.

The Dempa-tou version is only available for FC members and will have a special box, Blu-ray, 120 page PB, several pages of stickers, and a PlugAir. The PlugAir itself is a small box that attaches to your smartphone through the audio jack, and it will work with an app to be able to watch and listen to the contents from your device with extras such as commentary from the members.

There will also be a campaign where the one who shares the content from the album to the most friends and family will win a yet to be announced prize.

More goodness is always great news, so I’m very happy to see that the album itself will be packed with tracks and goodies for fans to enjoy.

Check out the track list, make sure to check out the covers, and get your copy reserved since it seems like a must have for fans!

Track List

  2. Ba! to the Future
  3. Fanfare wa Bokura no Tame ni
  4. Wakusei★Seika 〜Planet Anthem〜
  5. STAR☆TT Shichauze Harudashi ne
  6. Akihabalife♪
  7. Otsukare Summer!
  8. Eikyu Zombiena
  9. Ensemble wa Te no hira ni
  10. Kitto, Kitto ne.
  11. Dem Dem X’mas
  12. Munasawagi no Himitsu?!
  13. Kibou no Uta
  14. Yume Sasu Ashita he
  15. Ashita Chikyu ga Konagona ni Nattemo

Blu-ray/DVD Track List

  1. Chouzetsu Ultra☆HappyDays
  2. Gidagida da Zubuzubu da
  3. Otsukare Summer!
  4. Munasawagi no Himitsu?!
  5. Ashita Chikyu ga Konagona ni Nattemo
  6. Akihabalife♪
  7. STAR☆TT Shichauze Harudashi ne
  8. TBA OHP | CDJapan

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