LADYBABY “Renge Chance!” and “C’est si Bon Kibun” MVs Released

Ladybaby Renge Chance Cover

LADYBABY  has released the MVs for both tracks from their upcoming single titled Renge Chance! and C’est si Bon Kibun.

Releasing April 13th, this single is nothing short of a treat for fans who have been waiting for more from this unlikely metal pop trio.

As expected the songs are as absurd as they are cool, with the main track Renge Chance! featuring the members as they sing about ramen. The guitars, the dance moves where they are shaking ramen, and LADYBEARD singing into the ramen handle is just epic beyond words.

Likewise, C’est si Bon Kibun features a song about konbini with a catchy EDM touch to the metal song. While a bit more laid back compared to the main track, it still completes the single well with a more laid back sound that is sure to have you enjoying every second.

The entire single is amazing and full of treats for fans, so make sure to check out both MVs after the break!


Renge Chance!

C’est si Bon Kibun