Nemoto Nagi “America” Solo Song Released

Niji no Conquistador Nemoto Nagi America

Niji no Conquistador’s Nemoto Nagi has released her solo song titled America.

The song has been released as part of her birthday and in collaboration with Mikeneko Homeless and Masayoshi Iimori for Maltine Records.

Nemoto Nagi is without a doubt among the top members of Nijicon and with good reason. She’s obviously quite cute, her voice is talented, and she seems to radiate an aura that is hard to compare with so it’s no surprise to see that she has been regularly releasing solo songs for a while now (I’m completely biased) .

This time with her 2nd solo song, we get to enjoy a song that has the most American theme you can imagine, with an American flag bikini as well as rapping to showcase her voice. I might not be a big fan of rap but even I have to admit that she does a great job with the lyrics and the beat is solid.

The song is so solid that we even got a site set up just to promote it! Sure, it might only have a photo of her which plays the song when you press on it, but it should be enough for fans who will no doubt be in Nagi heaven.

Make sure to check out the song since it’s definitely among Nagi’s most interesting releases!

Nemoto Nagi “America” Site