TPE48, MNL48, and BNK48 Announced


AKB48 has announced the creation of 3 new groups throughout Asia: TPE48 (Taipei), MNL48 (Manila), and BNK48 (Bangkok).

It’s good to note that Taipei’s TPE48 was supposed to start back in Summer 2012, but fans were pleasantly surprised to see that they are finally going active.

AKB48 might be building a small army of idols around Asia or they might be seeking to establish a nation full of nothing but idols. Regardless, I’m happy to see that we will be able to enjoy some nice idol music outside of Japan and that fans in the areas will be able to enjoy the AKB48 style with a local twist.

Of course, no other details have been released other than Mayu being “startled”and that the announcement mentioned that “The 3 overseas groups will sweep the world”.

Prepare to be dominated by idols!


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