AKB48’s Fujimura Natsuki, Yamamamoto Ai, Iwasaki Moeka To Graduate

AKB48 Fujimura Natsuki Yamamoto Ai Iwasaki Oeka

AKB48 Team 8 has announced that Fujimura Natsuki, Yamamoto Ai, and Iwasaki Moeka will be graduating.

This was announced on the group’s Team 8 Kessei 2 Shunen Kinen Tokubetsu Kouen in Okinawa Mensore! Haru no Eight Matsuri concert. Fujimura and Iwasaki have graduated as of April 3rd, with Yamamoto graduating in the coming days.

The announcement was sudden and the fact that the members graduated immediately might be concerning to some but it seems like each member has their goals.

Fujimura mentioned she would like to go to school for hair and make-up, with being part of the group being one of the reasons why she had to leave. Yamamoto recently had her “coming of age” ceremony and thought hard about becoming an actress, and decided to leave in order to become one.

Iwasaki, on the other hand, wants to drop out of the entertainment world and become a doctor, since it’s her childhood dream. Being in both the group and her first-choice school would be too hard so she decided to leave.

While the situation might be sad, it’s good to see that the members all have dreams that they hope to establish, so the best of luck Fujimura, Yamamoto, and Iwasaki!