Morning Musume ’16 “Tokyo to Iu Katasumi / The Vision / Utakata Saturday” Covers Released

Morning Musume Tokyo To Iu Katasumi Regular A
Regular A

Morning Musume ’16 have released the covers for their upcoming single titled Tokyo to Iu Katasumi / The Vision / Utakata Saturday.

Releasing May 11th, this single will have 3 regular editions and 3 limited editions which will feature DVDs. This will also be Suzuki Kanon’s last single as a member.

The main standout would definitely have to be the covers for the title track Tokyo to Iu Katasumi since they have a colorful look that is as eye-catching as it is intriguing.

It’s definitely intriguing and seeing the covers is nothing short of exciting as we slowly approach the MV releases where we will finally be able to hear the songs.

Check out the covers and make sure to pick up your copy, this will be an epic single!