Morning Musume ’16 “Utakata Saturday Night” MV Released

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Morning Musume ’16 have released the MV for their single titled Utakata Saturday Night.

This track will be releasing May 11th as part of their single alongside The Vision and Tokyo to Iu Katasumi

The MV for The Vision and Tokyo to Iu Katasumi have both been released already .

Most idols nowadays tend to release nothing but ballads.

Sure, it might sell but a fun song that goes for a completely different sound is hard to come by. Thankfully we have Morning Musume ’16 who are not afraid to show us a catchy disco song in Utakata Saturday Night.

The members dance under the flashing disco ball to the funky beat in colorful dresses that are sure to have your heart racing. That, paired with the disco setting and the lights made for the perfect setting and will definitely be among the most memorable MVs for the group.

Seeing DJ Suzuki Kanon getting a chance to shine in the bridge of the song with some spoken lines that match her personality perfectly was a treat that won me over (the epic explosions at the end did too).

Overall, there’s enough variety for fans to enjoy with this triple a-side single, all with a unique twist that show off just how talented the members are. The Vision has the more slower EDM ballad covered while Tokyo to Iu Katasumi has an epic classical touch sound.

What else can I say? I’ll be getting a copy of the single and I hope you do too since it’s going to be an epic release!

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