Morning Musume ’16 “Tokyo to Iu Katasumi” MV Released

Morning Musume Tokyo To Iu Katasumi Limited A
Limited A

Morning Musume ’16 have revealed the MV for their upcoming single titled Tokyo to Iu Katasumi.

Releasing May 11th alongside the other main tracks The Vision / Utakata Saturday, the single will be available in 6 editions. More info such as covers can be found here.

As you might remember from concert rips, the song has an epic instrumental mashing together classical string instruments with a strong EDM touch.

Likewise the dance is fast paced to match this sound, and it leaves you wanting more as the group makes their way across the stage or during the solo shots. Sure, there might be mostly only dance shot, but simplicity is always best.

How will the other songs compare? We’ll find out soon, but for now it’s well recommended you check it out after the break since they show off just how strong they are as a group!


3 thoughts on “Morning Musume ’16 “Tokyo to Iu Katasumi” MV Released

  1. Color me interested in regards to the MV as I already liked the song. While the video is rather simple (and some were disappointed if the (English) YouTube comments are to be believed), I’ve felt it did its job and focused on the song. (Bear in mind that the schedule is pretty tight and since they’re on tour at the moment, that might’ve been a factor.) Regardless, the MV is solid and I’m curious as to how the other two A-sides get depicted.


    1. I definitely agree! You don’t need flashy scenes to show off a song. A strong dance shot and scenes of the members dancing alone worked just fine. I forgot about them being on tour so that would explain it of course. We will probably see a similar style for the two, but we could get lucky and see a few more story driven MVs

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