Shuukan Idol – Weekly Top 5 Start!

Morning Musume 16

In between all the idol goodness we enjoy throughout the week there are some stories that you might have missed.

It could be MVs, graduations, or just updates on our favorite idols or groups. Whatever it might be, we wanted to highlight what our personal 5 top headlines for the week are to keep you up to date.

This will also serve as a special section for us to talk about site updates and future plans that will help bring you better news about your favorite idols and groups. It’s also the perfect place to hang out and talk about your favorite happenings of the week.

Let’s start!


Here are our top 5 news (in no particular order) from the week!

It was an amazing week and one packed full of interesting happenings in the idol-verse.

Obviously LADYBABY going on hiatus was the big one, with the Kawaii metal trio going on a break shortly after their massive blast in popularity. Will they be back?

In Hello! Project we had a nice group of MVs from both Momusu and “still-S/mileage-to-me” ANGERME showing off some mature sounds that are sure to have you happy. They’re catchy and just so good so make sure to check them both out.

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu is up to it again with her full MV for “Sai & Kou” as well as some love for fans overseas in San Francisco.

Coming up nearby the end of the week the out of nowhere announcement that Up Up Girls would be going to Budokan definitely surprised and delighted us. They definitely deserve it!

Site Updates

> Possible site name change?

After talking to a few friends I’ve come to the conclusion that the site should change name to better reflect the type of news we provide.

Why the change? We started off planning to cover everything Japanese (J-rock, etc) so the site name was chosen to be somewhat basic and generic.

Thankfully, our love for idols and J-pop in general won us over and we’ve decided to change the site name to better reflect that. We’re not sure if it was a magical idol fairy that visited us at night, but focusing on groups like Momusu and AKB48 is something we know best.

What will the new site name be? At the moment we have a few in mind but we haven’t settled on one so the change won’t take place for a while (a few weeks at least).

Regardless, we’ll make sure to post about it beforehand so you can comment on it and let us know what you think is. The site is designed for idol fans by idol fans and we want to make sure we’re as open as possible.


How can we say goodbye this week without showing off a song that’s been in our heads throughout this week?

This week the honor goes to: Morning Musume – Endless Sky

Let us know what you think about these weekly posts and feel free to share your song of the week and what news stood out for you this week with us in the comments.

Thanks for tuning in this week, we’ll see you again on the next one!