Morning Musume ’16 “The Vision” MV Revealed

Morning Musume 16 The Vision Limited B
Limited B

Morning Musume ’16 have revealed the MV for The Vision.

The track is part of their upcoming single alongside Utakata Saturday and Tokyo to Iu Katasumi  which will be released on May 11th. The MV for Tokyo to Iu Katasumi has already been released.

I usually don’t like ballads since they’re a tad too slow for my taste. But, there’s something about an EDM ballad from the new Morning Musume ’16 that is just so catchy and thankfully The Vision is one of those.

With a powerful dance and an equally powerful instrumental, this song shows off just how strong Momusu are as they dance along the darkened stage. Sure, the song might not be as packed with highlights, but the dancing and vocals are just so incredible.

It’s a perfect, calm way to start off the week, so make sure to check it out!