Shuukan Idol – Kicking Off May

Cheeky Parade 124

Morning Musume ’16 boogie down, Cheeky Parade unite together, and much more. Check out our top 5 highlights of the week!


The main highlight for me this week was definitely Momusu’s latest MV and the last to feature Suzuki Kanon who will be graduating from the group soon. It’s funky, it’s fun, it’s a must watch MV for fans of Morning Musume ’16!

Cheeky Parade will soon be losing 2 members so I’m glad to see that the group has released an MV for a song that shows off everyone as they enjoy a last release together. It’s catchy and simple, but it’s a solid way to say farewell.

Juice=Juice have achieved the goal many groups around Japan aim for, a Nippon Budokan performance, congrats!

Q’ulle also shared more details about their latest single and it’s a solid one that fans will be pleased with. Check out the full post for details!

Rounding out the highlights is Momoiro Clover Z and their announcement they would be making their way to Shanghai. Overseas performances are amazing for groups who normally only perform in Japan, so fans in China should definitely get ready for that.

This 1st week of May was fairly calm, with most of the updates happening early on the week. Thankfully, we should see a bit more activity in the coming weeks as many groups start releasing their latest albums and singles.

Site Updates

> Site name update

The name for the site poll will be up next week! I took some time to make sure that the URLs matched the content as much as possible and I have a list of 3 options to put up to vote but I have to get the URLs first before the poll is up (pay day is next week).

> Reviews

During the week I updated a few things around the site (menus, sidebars, etc) but I realized that it has been some time since I have released a review.

Going in depth and sharing my opinion for singles and albums is something I love to do so I have made it my goal to release at least 2 reviews every month.

What review can you expect next? I’m aiming for Dempagumi Inc.’s latest album GOGO DEMPA so make sure to stay tuned for that!


It’s a new month and we should definitely start off with a bang. Nothing fits better than some PASSPO☆!

What was your highlight of the week? Any feedback you’d love to share with us? Share it with us in the comments below.

Thanks for tuning in this week, we’ll see you again on the next one!