Q’ulle “ALIVE” MV Released

Q'ulle ALIVE Saisei Ron

Q’ulle have released the MV for their 5th single titled ALIVE.

Releasing May 18th, the single will be available in a Regular and Limited version alongside the a-side track Saisei Ron.

Hip hop vocals are hard to pull off, but with a catchy lyrical school styled intro we get to see a different song from Q’ulle. Sure, the same pop feel is there but the song has a hopeful sound that is fun to listen to.

Alongside the EDM instrumental and the more poppy vocals, the MV flashes scenes of the members dancing on the rooftops and at a live.

That combined with the track makes for a unique MV that shows off the song well.


The MV for Saisei Ron was released back in March, but it has a different feel to ALIVE. Instead of going for hip hop pop feel there is instead a more traditional idol song with EDM and some screaming thrown in.

Saisei Ron

So far, both tracks are quite solid and show off the talent of the group well. I highly recommend getting a copy of the single since it seems like Q’ulle are showing off their talent well with this release.

Regular Edition

Q'ulle ALIVE Cover

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  1. ALIVE
  2. Saisei Ron
  3. ALIVE (inst ver.)
  4. Saisei Ron (inst ver.)

Limited Edition

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  1. ALIVE
  2. Saisei Ron
  3. GO!!!(c) 2004 by TV TOKYO Music, Inc.
  4. ALIVE(inst ver.)
  5. Saisei Ron (inst ver.)


  1. ALIVE(MV)
  2. Saisei Ron (Dance Shot)

Alternate Covers

Q’ulle OHP

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