Q’ulle “UNREAL” MV Released

Qulle Unreal

Q’ulle have released the MV for UNREAL.

The song will be used for multiple things, most notably as the ending theme for a 4DX horror titled Vauxhall★Rideshow〜Kyoufu no Haikou Dasshutsu〜. Alongside that it will also be the theme song for an interesting anime called Real Account where social media has overtaken and 10,000 users have to fight to not lose any followers.

This song is half of the group’s next single titled UNREAL/HOPE, so it’s a perfect chance to see what kind of theme the group will have and from what I can hear we’re in for an amazing release.

With a nice melding of rap alongside the roars of guitars and idol vocals, it seems like the group has found a perfect medium for these two genres to coexist nicely. With a catchy and energetic dance alongside a Shibuya background in sepia, it’s one of those songs you have to listen to since it’s too good to describe.

November 18th is the date, so we’re close to releasing!

Q’ulle CDJapan

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