Morning Musume 16’s Suzuki Kanon Announces Graduation

Morning Musume Suzuki Kanon

Morning Musume 16‘s Suzuki Kanon has announced her graduation from the group.

She will be graduating from the group at the end of the group’s Spring tour. According to the notice her decision came as a result of her wanting to work in something related to welfare.

This notice definitely took me by surprise since Suzuki Kanon always seemed like the bubbly idol that would be part of the group for many years to come. Of course, she is among my favorites so it’s certainly a sad notice (seeing the tweet was heartbreaking), but thankfully it seems like she plans to help work and help others after her graduation.

According to her letter, she has been thinking about her future since last year. The Satoyama movement the group was in was something she enjoyed since her contact with people and making them smile convinced her to help do the same to those in need.

Seeing her grow with the group since she first auditioned until her graduation is definitely interesting since we got to see her mature as a member of the group. From developing her position as the funny member of the group to showing off her talented voice, she will always be among the group’s most iconic members.

She made us fans smile and now she will be making everyone smile so thank you Suzuki Kanon and best of luck!

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